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Not having a Will increases the legal, financial and emotional burden involved in administering your Estate with all of your assets distributed pursuant to the relevant rules under intestacy law rather than your wishes. 

At Pace & Associates Lawyers, we believe that each Will should be as individual as the person making it, don’t settle for a pro forma Will Kit or an online prepared Will that may not reflect your wishes correctly.

An up-to-date and properly drafted Will allows you and your family to feel confident that your wishes will be respected and carried out in the event of your passing. Our office will carefully draft your Will to ensure it can be relied upon after your death and minimise the potential for someone to bring a claim against your estate. 

When drafting your Will, our office will discuss with you a number of personal factors including: –

  • Dependents – Children and others in your care;
  • Your assets and to whom you want them to be left with;
  • Businesses & Succession Planning;
  • Relationships with Beneficiaries;
  • Blended Families;
  • Trusts; and
  • Superannuation.

You should also seek to update your Will if you’ve recently experienced:

  • Marriage or divorce;
  • The birth of children or grandchildren;
  • The death of a beneficiary or executor; or
  • A significant change to your financial situations or assets.

If you think that your current Will may be invalid, or your personal circumstances have changed, contact Pace & Associates Lawyers and make sure that your loved ones are taken care of.

Preparation of Standard Wills

A fixed fee of $220.00 for individuals will apply and $350.00 for standard couple’s mirror Wills. For more complex arrangements, additional fees may be required. Our team will explain the process and outline the fees during your initial consultation, prior to commencing your Will.

In addition to preparing a Will, you should also consider what might happen if you become physically or mentally impaired and are unable to manage your affairs.

Please read our Enduring Powers of Attorney page for further information.

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