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Whilst Family Violence and Personal Safety Intervention Orders are civil orders, breaching either of them is a serious criminal charge and carries a maximum penalty of up to two years imprisonment. Further, if a person has a history of breaching intervention orders, then it is likely that police will arrest and remand that person in custody.

If a protected person listed on an Intervention Order makes a complaint to police that you breached conditions of the Order, the police will seek to interview you in relation to the allegations. Our advice is always to preserve your rights and MAKE A NO COMMENT INTERVIEW.

While you must give your name and address when asked by a police officer, you do not have to answer any other police questions. No unfavourable inference can be drawn by a court from a person refusing or failing to answer questions during official questioning.

Please see our Family Violence Intervention Order and Personal Safety Intervention Order pages for further information.

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Breach of Intervention Order

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