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At Pace & Associates Lawyers we understand that chasing a personal debt or unpaid business invoices can be a frustrating experience. Our office takes a proactive approach to ensure that your outstanding debt becomes your debtor’s priority, while making the process efficient and cost-effective for you.

Typically, we find that most debtors agree to settle their debt when issued a proper Letter of Demand from a law firm, as this can be compelling for most debtors. However, if court proceedings are required to be initiated, our office can provide you with expert advice and representation through that process.  

Judgement Debts

If a court judgement is obtained in your favour against a debtor, there are a range of enforcement methods available to recover the sum of the judgement debt money and in many cases, the legal costs associates with same. Our office can also provide you with advice and assistance with these enforcement proceedings, so you are repaid accordingly.

Methods our office can discuss with you may include one or a combination of the following:

  • Seizing goods and property from the debtor to repay the debt;
  • Summons for Oral Examination – the debtor must attend Court to explain their assets and liabilities;
  • Garnishee Orders – a court order that requires the employer to ‘dock the pay’ of the debtor;
  • Bankruptcy of the debtor; or
  • Liquidation/Winding up of the company that owes you money.

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