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Have you been charged with assaulting, stalking or harassing your partner, ex-partner or family member?  These types of offences are taken very seriously by the court and require an experienced lawyer to properly prepare your case. 

Matters relating to family violence are viewed particularly dimly by the court and often harsh penalties are imposed, even for first time offenders depending on how their case is put before the court. The likelihood of imprisonment will depend on the individual circumstances of your case but make no mistake it is often a very real possibility when you are accused of family violence.

Pace and Associates Lawyers have extensive expertise in defending individuals who have been charged with serious family violence offences, we understand the law and how it applies to defending these charges.

When individuals are charged with offences involving family violence, police often also make application for a Family Violence Intervention Order to protect the alleged victim. On that basis, it is crucial that you retain an experienced lawyer that can also provide you with expert advice and representation in relation to both as how you deal with one matter will often have an impact on the other.

Please see our Family Violence Intervention Orders for further information.

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