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At Pace & Associates Lawyers, we understand that there are individuals who require access to firearms for the purposes of employment or those who are recreational hunters, recreational or social shooters. As such, the removal of the ability to hold and use firearms can have a detrimental impact, especially for those who require them for work on the farm and extermination. 

The Firearms Act 1996 (Vic) regulates the possession, use, purchase, manufacture and supply of firearms and associated components, and prohibited weapons, and imposes harsh penalties on persons charged under relevant legislation.

Pace & Associates Lawyers can provide you with expert advice and representation in relation to all types of firearms offences including:

  • Possessing a Firearm without a Proper License;
  • Possessing an Unregistered Firearm;
  • Possessing Cartridge Ammunition;
  • Prohibited person in possession of a Firearm;
  • Possessing an imitation Firearm;
  • Carrying or Use a Firearm in a Prohibited Place; and
  • Storing a Firearm or Ammunition in an Insecure Manner.

As outlined on our Intervention Order page, the Firearms Act also interacts with the Crimes Act and relevant Intervention Order legislation. When an Intervention Order is obtained against a holder of a firearms licence, he or she is required to surrender their firearms and may only obtain their licence back if the Intervention Order Application is struck out or until further order of the Court. Upon the making of a final Intervention Order, the Respondent will be deemed a prohibited person and prohibited from possessing a firearm for five years or more.

Our team can also assist in making Application for you to be deemed a non-prohibited person and allow you to apply for the return of your firearms licence. We also liaise with the Licensing Division of Victoria Police, make submissions as to why you are fit and proper to hold such licences and facilitate the return of your firearms licence.

It is critical to your case to seek legal advice as soon as practicable so that you can be provided with appropriate advice based on the circumstances relevant to your matter.


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